212. Suggestion - Proposed Construction

Here is what several prospective buyers suggested as a NEW Construction:
An Over water bungalow on the South Beach close to the pier.
Here is also a photo of the proposed location

 C67.  Proposed Construction
A Fiji or Tahitian style-  Overwater Bungalow

C68.  Overwater Bungalow 
Proposed Location 1
- Pink Pearl island

    C69.  Overwater Bungalow  -   Proposed Location 2 -  Pink Pearl island

211. Proposed Overwater Bungalow drawings

Here are more proposed drawings of overwater bungalows.

  C70. Proposed Overwater Bungalow pic 1
C71. Proposed Overwater Bungalow pic 2
C72. Proposed Overwater Bungalow pic 3

203. Actual Construction Quote - PINK PEARL Island

Here we the the detailed construction quotes and the drawings for what the owner has built on the Pink Pearl island.
This is the original quote given to 2008 for Pink Pearl Island by the contractor Vasquez.
It was $94,000.
That included the cement house  all with its electrical and septic system and the small  pool.

C31. House - 3D - North View

C32. House - 3D - South


C36. House - 3D- Front View


C34.  House - Pool - Top View - 1st  Floor


C33. House - Inside - 3D


C35.  House - Top View - 2nd Floor


C30. Layout
Pool-  House-  Water tank- Septic Tank- Well


C39e.  House - Both Floors
C39d - House 1st Floor & Layout


C39a.  House Price Quote - page 1
C39b.  House Price Quote - page 2
C38.  Two stage Septic System - Filter

C37.  Septic System - Details

204. Main House Construction Permit  - PINK PEARL Island

These  are the construction permits for the house.

Given to the owner Jayne  and to the constructor Armando on Nov 2008.
 Money were deposited Oct 29, 2008.
Permit from the County was given Nov  3, 2008.
See dates  on the receipts

To get a construction permit you have to prove 

 1) That the land is titled.

 2) That the owner does not owe any taxes in the property
     You pay the taxes after the end of the year

 3) Pay 1% of the value of the new construction

So when Jayne Gaskin bought from the previous American owners Dylan and Elizabeth Horseley, 
she presented :

205. A "Libertad de Gravamen" - Fee Simple Title with No liens Certificate - Pink Pearl island

The property Title with no liens.
Government document
issued from the Land Registry in Bluefields

C44. Title Certificate
No Liens on the Title

206. "Solvencia" -  No Property taxes are owed - Pink Pearl Island

That document is issued by City Hall, or Local county, indicates that the current owner owes no property taxes.

  C40. Payment Receipt
Propery tax
C41. Certicicate
That no property taxes are owed

207. Payment Receipt of the construction tax -  1% of the value of the new construction - Pink Pearl island

This is the the receipt of  33000 cordovas  that  the previous owners (The Horseleys) paid for property taxes 2006 and 2007.
That was less that $2000 for 2 years.

Then your contractor pays the construction tax, that is 1% of the value of the construction

C42. Payment Receipt
 Construction Tax                  
C43. Payment Receipt
 Construction Tax

208. Construction permits - Restaurant - Pier (wharf) - Retention wall - Pink Pearl Island

 Here are the construction permits for the 

     Restaurant Bar
     Pier     ( Muelle)

     Retention wall   ( Murro de Retencion)

  C50. Construction Permit
    Restaurant - Pier -  Retention Wall

C51. Payment Receipt
Construction Permit

The first one  was paid and given on  May 24, 2009 
Then the construction was officially registered in the City Planning department in Bluefields which also accepted it.
Notice it says "Nueva construction" or new construction.
As we said before, You do not need construction permits for repairs.

209. Total Cost of Construction on PINK PEARL 

   $ 100k   Two story  Concrete House - Pool - Well- Water tower- Water Tanks - Septic System
   $  21K    Restaurant Bar
   $    7K    Pier
   $  22K    Retention wall
   $  50K    All 4 cabanas for clients and caretaker (an estimate!)

   $ 200K  Total  -  All Buildings and Improvements on Pink Pearl island
   Quote given in 2008 by Contractor Vasquez 


  C64a. Restaurant - Bar - Price Quote
C64b. Restaurant - Bar Drawing


C64c. Restaurant - Bar Drawing



C66a.  Pier (Wharf) - Price Quote

C66c.  Pier Drawing
C66b.  Pier Drawing

  C65a.  Retention Wall - Quote



200. Existing Constructions all have State Permits

People that constructed without permission may have a problem in the future, if they need new construction, or even if they need to REPAIR.
 If the government puts additional construction restraints or requirements the people that have built without permits will even face a bigger challenge.

On the contrary the buildings on Pink Pearl Island already have construction permits so you are already covered.(See receipts on the site)
You do not need construction permits to repair buildings that are already constructed legally.
That gives you legal security and peace of mind, and adds additional value to Pink Pearl Island.

201. Construction Contractor - Min. Requirements

Please take that construction business seriously to avoid problems later.
You cannot just take anyone without a license to construct.
If he is not a licensed contractor, the state will not issue him a construction permit either.
You need construction permits for any new buildings in the future.
All buildings on the island are legal, that is they have construction permits.
You do not need a construction permit to repair.   

 Here is the credentials any constructor must have:
I am sending you the ones that Mr Armando has
     Construction License   ID :4379
Tax payer Number        041-272-7916

Registration ID              7485

C20.  Tax ID - page 1

.  Tax ID - page 1

C24. Licenced Contractor Registration


C22. General Contractor Licence

C25. Contractor Personal ID
C26. Contractor Personal ID

C23. Licenced Contractor Registration

C27. Contractor Tax Certificate

C29. University Diploma

C28. Registered State Contractor

202. Actual Construction Quote - Bocal Island

Here are some examples of simple quotes that the construction company  Armando Vasquez gave a property called Bocal island.
That is what any contractor should give you. His licence number 4379, it appears on the bottom of the Quote.


C10. Sample house - 3D
Bocal Island

C12.  Detailed Price Quote
Bocal Island
C11. Sample house - 2D
Bocal island